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Where do you deliver your products?

We deliver worldwide. Country where you order from affects the price and delivery time. On average, in 7-15 working days the item will be at your address.

How do I order?

Ordering an item is a very simple and short-lived process:

  • To get started, you need to select the item you want to buy from the displayed range and put it in your cart.

  • When all you want to buy is in the cart, you select the 'Continue' option and this prompts you to enter the shipping information. Please enter all the required information slowly and accurately so that the delivery service can make the delivery as easy as possible.

  • After entering the information, you will be shown the shipping price and will be added to the item price. Then you choose the payment option. There are 2 payment options available online with credit card and deposit. Cash-on-Delivery is a standard option where you pay for the item at the door delivery service when you pick up your order. Online card payment is a direct payment option and you are then provided with the package and the entire cost is paid online.

How to choose the right size?

After selecting the item you want to buy, you have the option 'Discover your size' below the size selection. Clicking on this link will open an additional window where you can see the dimensions of the items.

Is it possible to return and change size of the product?

It is not. Unfortunately, since we manufacture T-shirts separately for every order, it is not possible to make a T-shirt replacement. To reduce the number of erroneous orders, we've set up a 'Discover your size' link when selecting an item size. This link explains the height and width of each item size.

Is this official Merch?

Yes, with each of these YouTubers on the site we have a signed cooperation agreement. Each design is made by YouTuber and is therefore protected from copying and selling by a third party.

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